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Welcome the the Fitness Culture project! This project consists of three individual stories of people I've personally trained with over the years. They talk about the start of their fitness journey, why they started and tips. The project also comes with a friendly informational meal and workout guide.


Trey Brooks

Senior Digital Media major

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Nick Gonzalez

Senior Computer Science major

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Reece Reznicek

Senior E.S.S. major

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My story

Alex Wade is a Senior at Texas State University. Studying digital media innovation with a minor in mathematics. Wade has proficient experience in solving algorithms and language C++. He is an aspiring fitness mogul, that has the vision to help change peoples lives for the better. Creating meal plans, workout regimens and motivating his peers.

Before transitioning to Texas State University, Wade was a collegiate basketball player. He played one year at Chattanooga State Community College at Chattanooga, Tennessee. With eight years of experience in the sport of basketball. He has acquired knowledge on how to train the body. With experience in training younger peers back in his community. In addition, Wade has tailored his life into a healthier lifestyle. Teaching himself the importance of meal structure and body weight training. He has three years of experience of training his peers in transforming their bodies. Drawing his inspiration from moguls like C.T. Fletcher and many others. Wade is a family-oriented individual that loves to inspire and motivate the people around him.

"Find your magnificent obsession, whatever it is and let nothing or no-one tell you that you can't do it. Tell them to sit back and watch you do it." These wise words were said by one of the most inspirational gym gurus, Fletcher. I’ll be sharing tips about fitness and nutrition. I'm an aspiring nutritionist and personal trainer. I've spent about 2 years studying nutrition and different forms of weight training. Fitness has saved my life in numerous ways. Since I was in middle school, I've had experience with different physical activities. I believe that everyone should engage in some physical activities. Not only does physical activities require mental conditioning, but you also gain a numerous amount of life skills. About three years ago, I decided to stop playing collegiate basketball and focus on school. After some months of not being involved in physical activities, I notice myself losing confidence and gaining weight. Two years ago, I stumbled across CT, which led to that inspirational quote. Since then, I've looked at life in a completely different way. Fitness has helped me gain confidence in myself. My goal is to reach those who don't have confidence in themselves. Along with people who only need a simplified way of reaching their aesthetic goals. Fitness and nutrition can be viewed as something that's tedious. With my help, I hope to change that perspective.